Spanish Rail Gets an Infrastructure Boost with switch monitoring from KONUX

A Boost for Spanish Rail Infrastructure

Based on improving the strategy and maintenance activities, ADIF created the tender “Services for the Monitoring of Track Devices” with predictive maintenance. Contracting “services for 200 turnouts currently in service,” the tender aims to monitor the assets in such a way that “the behaviour and stresses to which they are subjected can be ascertained”, and to “provide data and tools that enable ADIF to achieve its savings goals.”

One of the primary reasons for train delays is the result of switch failure, including point machine (or point operating equipment) fault or failure. KONUX set out to fulfil the tender’s request to monitor the switches and reduce related delays by as much as 40%. The tender’s aim to mitigate point machine failure represents an important step in alleviating problematic turnouts, as the component contributes to a majority of switch malfunctions. With a holistic view of the switch, KONUX proposed the KONUX Switch and KONUX Point Machine Health solutions to monitor the turnouts and their sensitive equipment, alert infrastructure managers of significant changes in asset health and ensure corrective maintenance effectiveness.


Making the Spanish Rail Switch More Reliable

KONUX Switch is an innovative predictive maintenance technology that uses IIoT devices and artificial intelligence (AI) to extend asset life and reduce costs. The accuracy of both use cases – trackbed health monitoring and prediction, and frog health monitoring and prediction – has been confirmed through many years in the field

The KONUX system supports ADIF in making informed and data-driven decisions on its switch inspections, maintenance and replacement programs. With its innovative trackbed and frog monitoring and prediction capabilities, KONUX Switch offers real-time insights into the current and future condition of its infrastructure. The KONUX Switch frog (crossing) health monitoring and prediction feature will enable ADIF to stay informed about the condition of their frogs, allowing them to schedule timely interventions, such as grinding, welding or even replacement, and avoid costly and disruptive delays. 

KONUX’s new partnership with ADIF and the recent opening of its new Spanish branch is further evidence of the company’s maturation into a stable solution supplier and partner to infrastructure managers. The AI company was a first of its kind in the railway industry and the first to win a public tender.

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