Printed Circuit Board Assembly Service Capabilities | Autosplice

Autosplice offers PCB assembly services with terminals and molding to support your specific industry through one supplier so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors. We support both high and low volume orders. Our PCBA factory is located in Mexico which lets us offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

PCB assembly capabilities include: In-line insertion systems for Press-fit and Solder tail components, sockets, power lugs; Pin-in-paste for a variety of components; In-line conformal coating; In-line Presses for lug sub-assemblies; Placement of Surface Mount components; Double-sided reflow; Heavy copper multilayer PCBA processes (up to 12 oz layers). Our quality control and testing capabilities include: In-circuit test; Functional test; Hi-Pot in-line and off-line testing.
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