MicroSert Bench Top Pin Insertion Machine

The MicroSert™ Bench Top Pin Insertion Machine is the most cost-effective automated platform designed for smaller production environments.
Its design allows one operator to run two machines simultaneously which significantly increases the production efficiency.

A single head stand-alone base incorporates a 12”x12” (304mm x 304mm) insertion area and is digital servo motor driven. Small but powerful, the MicroSert system inserts up to three components per second and is built for today’s fast-paced global manufacturing environment.

We carry more than a dozen of various insertion heads designed for each component. We also offer the development of unique heads and tooling specifically for your project. Our modular pin insertion head technology allows for quick application tooling changeover and maintenance.


– Insertion rate up to 3 per second
– Repeatability: .001” (.0254mm)
– Insertion area: 12”x12” (304 mm x 304 mm) scalable to 14” Y axis (355 mm) and 18” X axis (457 mm)
– Large touch screen monitor: 10.4” (264 mm)
– Easy-to-program Windows XP Professional operating system
– Industrial digital 3-axis controller
– USB port
– Interchangeable modular component heads

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